Comport Computing Tech Notes


TechNotes are an informal collection of technical topics provided to disseminate information to our customers. They may be copied and distributed freely, as long as an appropriate reference is made. All documents are in PDF file format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to display and print. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning TechNotes, please contact Walt Fair

03/1993 The Parameter CDe2S
06/1993 The Computation of Surface Pressures in Pressure Transient Analysis
09/1993 Representation of Multiphase Wellbore Effects in Pressure Transient Analysis
12/1993 Some Implications of Pφ on Phase Segregation Phenomena in Wells
03/1994 Notes on Variable Storage in Pressure Transient Analysis
06/1994 A Possible Explanation for Variable Skin
03/1999 A Note on the Numerical Calculation of Infinite Integrals
03/1999 The Precision of History Matching a Reservoir Simulation to Field Production Data
Special 1 Notes on Numerical Approximatins for Pressure Transient Analysis